Ten Universal Principles of The Unity Theory ®

of Time and Space, Matter and Light

© Grahame Blackwell 2011

Each of these principles is founded on, and firmly supported by, journal-published peer-reviewed scientific findings.  Together they represent significant aspects of the nature of material reality as revealed by those scientific findings.  It’s likely that these principles will in due time lead to yet deeper truths as proposed by Principle 10 below.  At the time of writing (June 2011) such deeper truths haven’t yet been validated scientifically to the point where they may be added to this list.  It’s anticipated that further principles, supported by robust scientific reasoning, may be added in due course, extending our understanding of material reality yet further.

1.   Matter is formed from light.

2.   Every particle of matter extends across the whole universe.

3.   The universe is a single undivided whole: Every tiniest particle in the cosmos is directly connected to every other particle;

4.   The universe is holographic: every part contains an image of the whole.

5.   Gravity and space are both manifestations of the extended being of every particle in the cosmos.

6.   Inertia* is a direct consequence of the energy-structure of matter.

      (* i.e. objects stay still, or continue moving at constant speed in the same direction, unless acted on by a force.)

7.   Time is an illusion created by consciousness.

Measures of time as read from clocks of any type are actually comparisons of distances.

8.   There is a unique objective rest-state from which every other state of motion may be measured.

      (This Principle explicitly distinguishes Unity Theory from Relativity, in which all motion is relative.)

9.   A quantum leap is a continuous process, not a step change as is conventionally believed.

10. The Unity Theory is itself just an approximation to a deeper reality in which concepts such as time, space, matter, light, universe are simply useful ideas – just as ‘up’ and ‘down’ are ideas with no real meaning in deep space.